About us

Company Name
Arsec Inc.
Office Location
3-23-17, Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 〒108-0074 MAP Tel.03-6912-0844
Daisuke Mishima
3 Million JPY
Establishment date
Jan. 2017
Business Area
  • Consulting and business planning for biogas businesses
    • Comprehensive support is available from biogas business planning / license acquisition support / plant basic design / EPC selection support / start-up, operationand maintenance support/ facility regeneration
    • Proposal of digestate utilization and/or treatment solutions
    • Making of technical / business feasibility and du deligence report for financial institutions and investors
    • Implementation of laboratory tests and demonstration tests, etc.
  • Support for introducing SDGs into local communities
  • Supporting the establishment of a circular economy (resource recycling business)
  • Support for introduction of advanced, reasonable, and efficient environmental purification technologies (water treatment, waste treatment, etc.)
  • Various research and support in Southeast Asia (expeciall in Vietnam), SDGs related business produce
  • 2017 JanEstablished “Arcec Inc” in the form of a consulting division separated from Remaagen Inc., which is a biogas power plant constraction company
  • 2019 MayOffice moved to Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 2019 AugustEstablished “Arcec Vietnam Co., Ltd.” as a local subsidiary in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam