Arsec Inc.Creating a resource recycling system
using biogas technology

Consulting business

Support for introducing new resource circulation systems / Evaluate and promotion of new Eco-friendly technologies all over the world / SDGs promoting and regional activation support in local areas / Project development for ESG investments

Strength of Arsec

Abundant knowledge and experience in the field of biogas and waste / One stop support from project development, legal procedure support, basic design, plant construction, financing, operation management and due diligence reporting / Providing the best solutions from a neutral standpoint because of independent capital / Scientific data support through lab tests and field pilot tests

Benefits of collaboration with Arsec

Improves the possibilities of business success and shortens the time to project realization / Because of a neutral position, you can obtain a “second opinion” without disrupting the relationship with existing partners / Realize the project reasonably and sufficiently / Able to restart and improve the existing biogas business / By appropriate matching with related companies such as finance, water treatment and agriculture, you can expand the range of business

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